Chiropractic Basics

Chiropractors are not doctors of medicine but rather doctors of chiropractic. Whereas the medical approach is to treat symptoms using drugs, chiropractors seek to correct the cause of the symptom by adjusting the spine to remove nerve interference and thereby allowing the body to heal naturally.

The chiropractor’s main focus is on the alignment of the spine and how that affects proper nervous system function. Nerves communicate messages between your brain and body, telling every organ, tissue, and cell how to function properly. Interfere with that communication process and pain or ill health will set in.

Pain and other symptoms are not “problems” but rather warning signals telling us something is wrong, just as a fire alarm going off is not the problem but rather a warning (symptom) that there is a problem (fire). Fix the problem, and the symptom will go away. Remove pressure or interference on the nervous system, and optimum health can be restored and maintained.

When one or more vertebrae go out of alignment and put pressure on the nerves, it is common for headaches, neck pain, radiating arm pain, back pain, or radiating leg pain to develop. Chiropractors are uniquely trained to locate and correct misaligned vertebrae (known as subluxations) which “pinch” or interfere with nerves, and often are found to be the underlying cause of a wide variety of health issues. After a thorough examination (which may include taking x-rays), if it is discovered that you have a spinal subluxation, a chiropractic adjustment is then given.

This is a hands-on procedure performed by Dr. Berglund, applying a precise and gentle force to the misaligned spinal joints. The adjustment helps to restore normal vertebral position and remove nerve stress. This not only helps relieve your pain, but it also helps correct the cause of your pain and lessen the likelihood of it returning.

Dr. Berglund encourages his patients to maintain the health of their spine and nervous system with regular chiropractic adjustments. Just as you don’t feel a tooth cavity in the early stages of its development, you don’t always feel pain or other effects of a subluxation until it’s been there awhile. Call our office today and schedule to have your spine checked for subluxations. Get adjusted. Get healthy. Stay healthy. Naturally!