Shoulder & Arm Pain

Shoulder and Arm Pain Treatment in Stamford, CT

From sprains or strains, to muscle and ligament tears, to subluxation and dislocation, shoulder and arm injuries vary and have many causative factors. Dr. Berglund is certified in the diagnosis and treatment of extremity injuries such as those occurring in the shoulder and arm. In addition, a personal trainer and massage therapist are on-staff at Berglund Chiropractic and wellness should stretching, massage or strength training be needed.

Did you know that many patients with shoulder and/or arm pain have no injury to that area? It is very common for shoulder and arm pain to come from the spine, especially if there is a disc injury in the neck. Nerves exiting your spine from the lower neck and upper mid back travel to your shoulders, down your arms and end in your fingers.

These nerves exit your spine through small openings that are formed between the vertebrae. Pressure or interference to these nerves from spinal subluxations (misalignments) can cause pain, numbness or tingling in your shoulders, arms, hands or fingers. Many who suffer with this condition will experience neck pain as well, but some will not.

For over 25 years, Dr. Berglund has been checking patient’s spinal and extremity joint alignment and correcting their problems with gentle chiropractic adjustments designed to restore proper joint alignment and reduce nerve pressure, giving much needed relief to his patients. If you’re suffering from shoulder and/or arm pain, we’re here to help with proper diagnosis and treatment to alleviate your condition.