Scoliosis Treatment in Stamford, CT

Scoliosis is a lateral or sideways curvature of the spine when looking from behind. It ranges in severity from being so mild it’s hard to detect with the naked eye, to being so severe that it can interfere with organ function. When it comes to diagnosing and treating scoliosis, the earlier it is detected the better the chance of correction. Dr. Berglund has been examining and treating spinal misalignment for nearly 30 years, and focuses on the correction of those bio-mechanical changes utilizing gentle and safe chiropractic adjustment techniques.

Chiropractors have had tremendous success in helping to reduce or halt scoliosis. Dr. Berglund’s first introduction to chiropractic (which lead him to become a chiropractor) was witnessing his younger brother’s scoliosis reduce under chiropractic care after medical treatment was unable to help.

The best time to treat scoliosis is before the spine has fully developed and “locked in” its alignment. Children and teenagers often see the greatest results with chiropractic care, while adults with scoliosis benefit from us helping to keep it from progressing while reducing nerve pressure within the curve. Having scoliosis doesn’t mean you must live with pain… we can help!