Pregnancy and Chiropractic Care

Pregnancy and Chiropractic Care in Stamford, CT

Whether you are in pain or feeling great, chiropractic offers women a safe and natural means of feeling better and staying healthy during their pregnancy. Added stress is placed on your spine as your developing baby grows, often causing back or neck pain and muscle tension. Sometimes in your last trimester, your baby will even put direct pressure on the nerves exiting your low back. By realigning your spine with gentle chiropractic adjustments, feeling better is often just a visit away.

Worried about lying on your stomach to be adjusted? No problem! Our specialized tables accommodate for pregnant woman so you can lie face down without any pressure on your stomach. Our challenge is not having pregnant patients lay face down, its telling them they have to get up when it’s time to leave… often we hear “Please Dr. B – Just 5 more minutes, this is the only place I can get comfortable!”

Another reason for seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy is that chiropractic is the leading drugless healthcare system. Drugs, whether over-the-counter or prescribed, can harm your developing baby. Chiropractors focus on keeping the spine and nervous system healthy with non-invasive, safe and effective treatments called spinal adjustments. When vertebrae go out of alignment, stress on your nerves can occur.

Chiropractic adjustments realign the vertebrae and take the stress off your nerves, often giving instant relief. Whether you just found out the great news or you are in your last weeks of pregnancy, call our office to schedule your chiropractic adjustment today knowing that you are in great hands and help is available.