Exercise Care

Therapeutic exercise care is just one of the many services offered at Berglund Chiropractic & Wellness to help correct, strengthen, and stabilize areas that need to be healed. Many of our patients will not need to perform exercises, however those that do find the benefits to be worth the added work.

Exercise sessions are performed in our private exercise studio and are supervised by Paul Dixon – a leading personal trainer licensed by the National Personal Training Institute, with additional certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Association. When it comes to results… ours are amazing! Patients are strengthening muscles and injured areas, getting fit, losing weight, and feeling energy they forgot they once had.

Some of the equipment we offer in our private exercise studio includes:

  • Free weights – dumbbells & bench press weights
  • Cable Weights
  • Treadmill
  • Elliptical Machine
  • Exercise Bands
  • Balance & Exercise Balls

After a thorough examination and evaluation of you health issues, if exercise care is necessary, Dr. Berglund will sit down with Paul Dixon and design a plan best suited to help you reach your health goals.

Under the one-on-one guidance of Paul, you will be challenged to strengthen muscles and ligaments, while improving joint function, cardiovascular health, postural balance, and joint range of motion. If your health goals are obtainable with the added benefits of exercise, let us help take you to the next level.